Those eyes

Those eyes
into her eyes

Friday, March 8, 2013

Birth certficate

A huge praise, we received Zuri's birth certificate and was able to e-mail it to the embassy this morning.  We have requested that her case be expedited so we shall see how quickly we get our approval.  Please pray that her passport will be issued very soon so this doesn't slow our next step down which is the visa then travel. 

Thanks for all the support at Ten For Orphans, God has blessed us more than we ever dreamed.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still waiting

We learned yesterday that the signed birth certificate will be ready on Thursday, praying this is true.  The wait is so very hard, knowing our baby is laying in an orphanage and needing medical attention.  She is in a wonderful home but it is still an orphanage with limited medical supplies and medications that she needs.  They love her dearly but nothing can take the place of a family.  Keep praying.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


So I am wondering how long it takes to sign a birth certificate, obviously more than 3 days because it isn't signed yet.  We are nearing the time when we will need to update our homestudy and all our clearances, we are praying these final steps move at record speed.  Please pray with us that each and every person who touches a piece of paper that says Maame Afua on it that they have a strong desire to expedite.

Last night I went to Walmart and bought a very soft blanket to cuddle her with on the long plane ride home, I think I might just pack her bags this week in antipication that within a few weeks I will be leaving.  We have letters in place from our congressman and pediatrician requesting the I600 and visa be expedited.

Prayers are needed!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We received word yesterday that Zuri's birth certificate has been issued which is a huge praise, however they are waiting for the signature.  So, how long will one signature take, hours, days, weeks, months, we are praying it is hours.  The next step will be our I600 which we have already filed, the embassy just needed the birth certificate to complete the approval.  Praying for each person that touches her file and feels the nudge to complete and approve it quickly.  Keep praying!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ten For Orphans

I received the following e-mail from Ten For Orphans, they ask that I would share this on my blog
Dear Friends of TFO,
In case you have not heard, anonymous donors have offered a $850 matching grant for Efua's adoption expenses! This grant opportunity will run until the end of her fundraiser through Ten for Orphans (approximately 7 am EDT on March 1st), but there are less than 4 days remaining! Every dollar donated will be matched up to $850, and the $1,700 that could come from this can pay for a plane ticket to bring Efua home from Ghana. Please don't let Efua or her family miss any part of this blessing!
In case you are not familiar with her story, Efua was found abandoned on the side of the road as a baby. Over 1,000 people overlooked her, but Polly and Kevin Green wanted her.  In actuality, the Greens have already finalized her adoption, but they are waiting on her birth certificate, which is taking some time because of her unique situation and since she is the first orphan to be adopted from her area and the temporary home she is staying at in Ghana. While they are waiting on the paperwork, the Greens are sending money every month to pay for her care, and they still need money for their final trip and expenses to bring her home. 
It is our privilege and joy to be a part of Efua's redemption, and we would like to offer you the same blessing and opportunity. Will you please join us? Even a small donation will be doubled, and if you can share this email or our posts on Facebook, it could also help tremendously!  Of the $850 match, $707.61 is still needed. If you can help in any way, large or small, tax deductible donations can be made here:  
Your micro giving can have a MAXIMUM impact in the life of an orphan!
Thanks so much!
Benjamin and Rebecca Barringer
Ten For Orphans
Ten For Orphans

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Project Hopeful

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URGENT! Only abt 3 1/2 days left in Efua's fundraiser, & there is still $800 needed to meet the $850 matching grant!
$850 matching grant for Efua! Please share!
Please check out our latest post on our Facebook page regarding confusion over our Donate button:
  Please consider donating to Zuri's (Efua) adoption, we are so close to bringing her home. Please prayerfully consider even donating 10.00 which would turn into 20.00.

Feel free to share on facebook, blogs, e-mail or by mouth, we greatly appreciate it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

One year ago....

We were surprised with this new picture, she is adorable.
This Saturday I will celebrate my birthday, it was one year ago that we committed to adopting Zuri, the day we said yes.  It is hard to believe that here we are one year later and still we wait, the only thing accomplished in the year was our court hearing, we offically became the the parents to Zuri.  That is huge but we long to have her birth certificate so we can move on to our I600 approval.  So, for my birthday wish I want Zuri's birth certificate, come on Cape Coast birth registry give me my birthday present.  Please pray with us that we will get her birth certificate.  I want my baby home!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Short video

My wonderful 9 year old son who is blessed with that cute little extra chromosome deleted almost all my pictures and videos from my trip to Ghana.  I have one video, I am trying to get Zuri to look at the camera so daddy could see his baby.  She is so precious, my heart is breaking waiting for her, we learned today that her birth certificate was not sent with the rest of the back logged certificates.  So, we wait.  Enjoy seeing my sweet baby move about.

Those eyes

Those eyes
into her eyes

Precious Zuri

Precious Zuri
First glimpses